Why Choose Us?

In recent years the economy has seen a lot of changes. The shift in major economies have made it difficult for many companies to maintain their positive position in the market place. Companies like us that continue to have growth have a couple key traits and structures in common. Firstly we offer a service that is recession proof, no company can ever say that they dont want or need more customers. Secondly we give our clients a guaranteed return on their investment creating better margins and profit for both parties and the relationships LMC Interactive Services have with our clients; having open lines of communication has helped us maintain these relationships and be first on their list to represent new and current products and services.

Our approach and goal in everything we do is simple.

LMC Interactive Services create opportunity by maximising our geographic coverage so that we target potential customers. The further the reach the more chance we have of increasing our client’s revenue and our long term partnerships.

When interacting with potential customers it’s vital that we leave a lasting impression so they don’t feel the need to switch to our clients competitors.  We feel that if we create a solid foundation and set up the channels of communication between our clients and their customers this will cement their commitment to the brand and create brand loyalty. LMC Interactive Services clients have open lines of communication with the customers we generate for them, helps maintain a great level of service and then also provides them with an opportunity to increase the services offered.

Here at LMC Interactive Services we have achieved many accolades from our clients however what we want to be known for is our clients biggest asset in customer acquisition and brand awareness.  Our drive is to exceed our client’s expectations and increase their profit margins every year, this is certain as we hold ourselves to the highest standards and our business development program gives us the catalyst to develop quality teams and future business partners to help expand our business and thus our clients customer base and coverage.

When we start with a new campaign, what helps us determine the scope of success we will have with a product or service is the comprehensive pilot programs we run. In short it’s a trial run for you to see what we are made of. We apply our marketing systems, see what kind of averages we can realistically achieve on a month to month basis and then feedback is given. Establishing good communication in the beginning of any working relationship is a must. Report backs are given to see where we can improve and also feedback if we feel any service adjustments on the client side. As we are the face of your business we can establish a keen insight to what small adjustments can be made to put you one step ahead of your competition.

LMC Interactive Services realises from experience that certain impersonal forms of direct marketing don’t work well with certain industries. Certain sales models can be expensive and not versatile enough to handle certain products. Face to face works no matter how expensive the product or service is but what does matter is figuring out what platform of face to face to use. Business to consumer is what most of our clients have found to work best and gets them the best return on their investment in the form of new customers.

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