Mission Statement

LMC Interactive Services’ track record speaks for itself when it comes to delivering on sales targets and clients’ growth plans. With our experience, capabilities and commitment to delivering on our brand promise of creating opportunity LMC Interactive Services stands well above all our competitors.

LMC Interactive Services has massive goals for the future.

1.Our goal is to open up 3 new locations in Australia in 2016 and by 2017 have expanded into 5 new locations.
2.Expand our client base to include a larger variety of industries that we work with
3.Continue to provide better customer service and acquisition services to our clients
4.Expand into New Zealand in 2016
5.Expand into the UK in 2016

We have set solid foundations enabling us to maintain continuous growth and we have big goals with our clients and company which we are determined to achieve.  If we had not solidified our positioning in the market place this would not be possible. Our reputation has enabled us to attract new opportunities so we can expand Nationally and Internationally and attract well respected brands and clients to use our services.

We have goals to represent clients in various Industries: Communications, Non-for-profit International Charity organisations, Beauty Products, Security, Construction and the Banking and Credit sector. LMC Interactive Services are experts withing the direct sales and marketing field; the industry is constantly evolving with technological improvements which is why we keep our ear to the ground on whats new.  Any and all advancements are taken aboard to help improve our clients experience working with us and they have peace of mind knowing they are working with the best.

There is a lot of competition within the direct marketing field which is why we are not only looking to gain new clients but also improve our services. Adopting various communication mediums and tailoring our services helps us to compete at a high level and out do other company in our market.

Professional marketing solutions is what we provide to our clients. We are continuously evolving our marketing strategies to deal with the change in the market place. Our mission is to partner our clients with new customers and act as a medium for them to expand and increase their market share. We continue to deliver and execute strategic business development though new acquisitions and high quality brand awareness through face to face professional communication and advertising.

Our biggest strength is our ability to utilize our biggest asset – which is our marketing strategies, thus providing a huge launch pad for our clients marketing needs. LMC Interactive is committed to building strong business partnerships and provide consistent and measurable results through our tried and tested systems. Our vision is to continue to take the lead in this sector and to work closely with out network of associated marketing companies using our shared set of values to further our expansion across Australia.


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