LMC Interactive Services: Lost Sight of the Customer?

No matter where you go in the developed world you will often hear people complaining about the lack of customer service. It seems like businesses in every sector from services to industry have lost sight of the fact that without customers, there would be no business. LMC Interactive Services direct marketing firm wants to help…

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LMC Interactive Services Look at the Links Between Personality and Investment

Everyone is different, and that’s just as true in the world of business as in any other environment. Entrepreneurs may share some traits in common, such as drive, ambition, and fearlessness, but they come in many different personality types. A recent article in Brisbane Business News looked at how personality types can have an influence…

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LMC Interactive Services Reveal How to Survive as a Business

Launching a business provides new freedoms, as well as the opportunity to achieve great rewards from the results of your own hard work. Whilst every business starts out expecting to succeed and grow, unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Many entrepreneurs who don’t achieve initial success come back even stronger the second time around, but…

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LMC Interactive Services Review the Advantages of Being Self-Employed

Most people work because they have to. There are bills to be paid, and expenses can keep popping up, especially if you have children. And then, of course, we all like to have a little extra to pay for the enjoyable things in life like a nice holiday or a family car. To achieve this,…

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LMC Interactive Services Talk about Their Rising Reputation, at Home and Abroad

They say that success breeds success, and that’s certainly true in the direct marketing industry. Companies who are noted for yielding great results for their clients, will soon find themselves very much in demand, so it’s important for entrepreneurs to be prepared for this, and to make the most of opportunities that come along. In…

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LMC Interactive Services: Hopes for the Sales Awards

There are many ways that an entrepreneur can measure how successful they are. It may come down to the money that they earn, the car they drive, or the home that they live in.

LMC Interactive Services: the Future for Brisbane Tourism

With beautiful weather, unbeatable scenery, a glorious coastline, and great sporting venues, it’s no wonder that Australia is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. But with competition growing from hotspots around the globe, there’s no time to be complacent. That’s why politicians of all parties realise that an investment in tourism is an…

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LMC Interactive Services: Tips From the Startup Shark

There is one show that promises to unite business people and entertainment lovers across the nation: ‘Shark Tank Australia’. It’s likely to become an instant success, as our entrepreneurial nation shows what it does best. At the heart of the show will be the sharks themselves, leading entrepreneurs who have made fortunes from their business…

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LMC Interactive Services Praise Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are central to the success of our economy. They produce the goods that we want to buy, and provide the services that make our lives better and easier. They also put money into the economy in the shape of tax, and provide opportunities for workers. Australia, just like every other nation, can always do…

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LMC Interactive Services Review the Future of Physical Shops

Australia, like many countries across the world, has taken modern technology to its heart. We love to communicate with each other through social media, and it’s changing how we work and how we shop. More and more people are shopping online, but what does that mean for our brick and mortar stores? A recent study…

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