LMC Interactive Services provide their pocket guide on workplace wellbeing

LMC Interactive Services provide their pocket guide on workplace wellbeing

LMC Interactive services are the Brisbane based sales, and direct marketing firm focused on producing exciting and dynamic campaigns for its clients. The firm is consistently looking towards self-improvement and development for its business and workforce. The company is keen to ensure each at the company finds meaning in the work they do every day, ensuring they have a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment in their day to day activities.  The company has, therefore, put together a guide to creating a positive company culture for their young professionals.  

Resilience: LMC Interactive Services is proactive about encouraging its workforce, particularly in times of tribulations, the firm is keen to promote its workforce to react actively and positively to stressful situations. The company is consistently adapting to the changing industry, ensuring it is providing its young professionals with the tools to similarly adapt, with the ability to tackle challenges with knowledge and excitement.   

Enforce the company values: LMC Interactive Services understands that a sense of positive well-being is directly applicable to a companies values. The firm is keen to focus on these values, encouraging traits within all members of the workforce. The company is eager to use their values to help their recruitment drives, company policies and guide existing contractors with their futures.   

Ensuring wellbeing is a company-wide focus: The firm understands the importance of wellbeing within all industries, a happy workforce results in dedicated and engaged staff. LMC Interactive Services is proactively ensuring a trusting and mentoring relationship between members of management and young professionals. The company is keen to support and guide their aspiring entrepreneurs in every way possible.  

LMC Interactive Services has a strong focus on the well-being of its entire workforce and understands that every member of staff is essential to the company. The firm is, therefore, encouraging other businesses to put a high sense of importance on their company wellness programs, understanding that general wellbeing is more than smoothies and salads available in the canteen. 

LMC Interactive Services believes that company wellbeing is directly applicable to consistently improving the mood and happiness of each and every single one of their contractors.  

Posted on November 27, 2017 in Business, Growth, Networking

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