LMC Interactive Services investigate the importance of setting achievable goals

LMC Interactive Services investigate the importance of setting achievable goals

LMC Interactive Services have this week revealed that their business development programme will focus on the importance of setting achievable goals, in hopes that their workshops on the topic will prompt their contractors to add more structure to their life. The firm understands the importance structure, especially in the lead up to Christmas when the sales industry becomes increasingly hectic. LMC Interactive Services’ Managing Director, Lawrence Randall, has spoken out on this, stating:

“The fourth quarter is always the most intense. Everyone wants to sell as much as they can and sometimes they lose sight of their goals.”

With this in mind, the firm has shared their tips on the most successful ways their contractors can put together goals that will truly motivate them. Their top tips are as follows:


Set goals you know are achievable

Goals are only useful if they can be achieved. The firm asks their contractors to stray away from unrealistic goals, such as unattainable targets. They argue that these often prompt their workforce to become hopeless. Instead, they want their contractors to consider setting attainable sales targets that they feel are achievable in order to prompt a positive mindset.


Set these goals out in a written and digital format

It may sound simple, but the firm is adamant that their contractors each buy a notepad and write out their annual, monthly, weekly and daily goals. With a written reminder, it is harder for individuals to lose sight of what is important. Taking this further, LMC Interactive Services implore their contractors to set these goals in both written and digital format so they are exposed to them throughout the day.


Reward yourself

Finally, the human brain is tuned to reward. We naturally want to keep doing something if it benefits us and LMC Interactive Services want each of their contractors to kick back and relax if they achieve one of their goals. If this is sales based or something in their personal life, LMC Interactive Services are keen that their contractors take some time off and treat themselves if they succeed in life.


With these tips in mind, LMC Interactive Services are confident their sales representatives will be ready for the final quarter of the year. Moving forward, they will be introducing goal setting as one of their core values in order for future recruits to understand the importance of this task in their professional and personal life.


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Posted on October 18, 2017 in Business, Entrepreneurship

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