LMC Interactive Services ‘The Mood of Others Can Impact Us Significantly’

LMC Interactive Services ‘The Mood of Others Can Impact Us Significantly’

LMC Interactive Services has long believed that the people one surrounds themselves with directly correlates with how successful they will be in life. The firm recently released a statement in light of new research highlighting how the mood and behaviours of others are contagious.  

LMC Interactive Services firmly believes that a sense of happiness and positive morale is highly contagious and as such is highly focused on offering support and provides an engaging and fun work environment. The company finds that hiring young professionals with a strong work ethic and passion for the industry translates across their entire workforce, resulting in high numbers taking part in their work progression opportunities to expand their careers. The firm believes that encouraging positive personalities within their staff motivates those at all levels within the company to adopt similar personas.

The company recently learnt of a new study that outlined the extent of which mood, attitude and emotions are passed among social groups. The study, conducted at the UK’s University of Warwick followed students from 1995 into adulthood. Researchers found that empathetic and positive personalities were seen to encourage an individual’s mood, helping to keep them elevated, resulting in negative attitudes being counteracted by introducing positivity into social circles. The study also found that encouraging this behaviour in adolescence has direct effects into adulthood.

The study found that individuals surrounded by lazy or cynical personalities can too adopt this persona, despite possessing a talent and the potential to achieve. LMC Interactive Services wants to discourage individuals from getting stuck in the same emotional gear, by consistently challenging their staff and ensuring a positive and motivated workforce that is contagious across the company.

LMC Interactive Services is hopeful that this study will drive young professionals to evaluate the moods and attitudes of those around them, targeting negatively inherited behaviour that could potentially be holding them back professionally and personally and take action to remedy this.

LMC Interactive Services is a sales and direct marketing firm based in Brisbane that actively encourages young professionals in the industry to expand their careers and reach professional goals through internal training and development processes. The company offers a forward-thinking mindset to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction across its client base.





Posted on October 16, 2017 in Business, Entrepreneurship

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