LMC Interactive Services dissect the biggest entrepreneurial misconceptions

LMC Interactive Services dissect the biggest entrepreneurial misconceptions

As one of Brisbane’s leading sales and event marketing firms, LMC Interactive Services are accustomed to the benefits and challenges of entrepreneurship. The firm invests a lot of their time in helping the next generation of sales and marketing professionals become successful entrepreneurs within their own right. In a seminar held for contractors, the firm investigated some of the biggest misconceptions young professionals have on entrepreneurship and shared the way they prepare young professionals for entrepreneurship.  

LMC Interactive Services believes that many young professionals in the Industry have certain misconceptions about entrepreneurship in the sales and marketing industry. In fact, entrepreneurship is not simple and cannot be pigeonholed with the misconceptions it is so easily receives. LMC Interactive Services states that it is important to counteract these common misconceptions and give individuals the chance for success in this industry. The firm makes use of their business development programme to ensure they support ambitious and driven professionals who are committed to becoming successful entrepreneurs.

LMC Interactive Services run through some of the misconceptions in the sales and marketing Industry:

  • Those in sales will promise anything to meet their targets – The idea that salespeople are motivated by nothing more than money and ensuring that they can take in as much as possible, is a mistaken generalization. Those in sales are responsible for creating lasting relationships with customers and making sure that the client is satisfied. Promising things that a product or service cannot deliver will only be harmful to the results of any marketing campaign. The sales person is important to continuing relationships and providing customer experiences to allow opportunities for up-sales and increase the chance of referrals.
  • A good salesperson can sell anything – Not necessarily true, this is a rather Hollywoodesque gimmick. But a good salesperson can build relationships and increase brand awareness for a company. By being confident, a sales person can diffuse concerns and make customers feel comfortable enough with their decision to buy.
  • Sales is a hard-changing environment – While sales are a difficult environment for a newbie, it is an opportunity for a person to learn new skills. A person can personalise campaigns and communication to match their style or a customer to help them make a buying decision – it is a thinking challenge which ultimately can be very rewarding.

“The Sales and Marketing Industry is a place where many people can thrive should they put their mind to it. We hope that we will be able to help many young professionals find their feet on their entrepreneurial journey.” said Managing Director of LMC Interactive Services.

LMC Interactive Services are experts in sales and direct marketing, the firm’s motivation is driven by their passion for the marketing Industry. The range of outsourced services offered by the firm guarantees a high return on investment and instant brand awareness in the region for a client’s target consumer market. The firm promise to deliver efficient and cost-effective marketing campaigns that will enable any business to achieve its short or long term growth plans. LMC Interactive Services are committed to providing quality long-term customers through their highly interactive, people orientated service unique to Brisbane.




Posted on September 19, 2017 in Business, Entrepreneurship

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