LMC Interactive Services: Make your goals specific and challenging

LMC Interactive Services: Make your goals specific and challenging

As one of Brisbane’s most successful sales and marketing firms, LMC Interactive are constantly looking for ways to push boundaries and drive innovation. The firm believes that setting detailed goals is the most achievable way to accomplish this and are now encouraging their contractors to set specific and challenging goals in order to reach success.

Goals are essential for an individual’s development and success.  Sales and marketing from LMC Interactive Services believe that setting goals help professionals reach success quicker than people who don’t because goals create a road map for success and targets to aim towards. Individuals who set goals are more likely to have success because goals help to focus a person’s attention towards what is it they want to achieve says LMC Interactive Services.

Key research that provides evidence of goal setting as a useful development tool is from Edwin Locke, who studies the process and results of goal setting within businesses for over 40 years. In summary, Locke states that the effects of setting goals when carrying out a task are that 90% of the time, setting a specific and challenging goal will lead to higher performance than when setting an easy goal or no goal at all. He goes on to state that goals positively influence performance because they direct a person’s attention, increase their persistence and motivate them towards developing a strategy that will lead to success.  It has also been found that goal setting has a positive impact on the engagement and optimism of individual performance.

LMC Interactive Services make it a priority to support their contractors in achieving their goals.  As part of the training programme, the firm’s leadership team help new contractors to identify personal and career goals and then through regular mentoring sessions, workshops and networking events, the company provide their workforce with all of the necessary tools needed to reach set goals.

‘We work with performance driven individuals who use goals to ensure personal success’ said the firm’s MD. ‘As a company, we ensure that we hold regular workshops and seminars to help provide individuals with the skills and knowledge required to achieve individual’s goals that have been set’ added the firm’s MD, Lawrence Randall.

As specialists in the outsourced sales and marketing industry, LMC Interactive Services use face to face interactions, product demonstrations and engaging marketing techniques to connect with consumers on a personal level to increase brand awareness and overall market share for their client’s business.

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Posted on August 16, 2017 in Business, Entrepreneurship

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