LMC Interactive Services react to article on charismatic leadership traits

LMC Interactive Services react to article on charismatic leadership traits

In a workshop held for their contractors last week, the outsourced sales and marketing firm LMC Interactive Service investigated some of the key characteristics that make a leader charismatic. The firm was inspired by a recent article on these specific leadership traits and was keen to share some of the reasons why the sales and marketing industry are always searching for ambitious individuals who possess these attributes.

The Brisbane-based firm, LMC Interactive Services believe that charismatic leadership can be defined as the guidance provided to a group of people or an organization that drives high performance and inspires change and innovation.

The firm feels that charismatic leadership is specifically important in the sales and marketing sector as the industry solely relies on a professional’s ability to build quality, long lasting relationships with both clients and consumers alike.

During the workshop, LMC Interactive Services outlined some of the charismatic leadership traits that they think are essential for professionals who are looking to succeed in the sales and marketing industry.

Confidence – In order to thrive in the sales and marketing industry, LMC Interactive Services believe that it is important to empower their contractors and train them how to become successful business owners. The firm invests a lot of their time in training and developing young professionals and regularly

Vision – LMC Interactive Services believes that good leaders must provide excellent, visionary capabilities in order to see their goals and ambitions come to fruition. The firm also believes that when a leader has a clear vision, they are more equipped to motivate and empower others to achieve the shared mission. A study conducted by Universum revealed that 41 per cent of executives polled disclosed that the top quality they looked for in future leaders is the ability to empower employees. LMC Interactive Services support these findings and believe that this particular leadership trait is essential to becoming successful in sales and marketing.

Innovative thinking – LMC Interactive Services pride themselves on their ability to deliver bespoke, forward-thinking event marketing campaigns. As industry leaders in their field, the firm believes that charismatic leaders are never afraid to take risks and push boundaries in order dominate their market.

Communication – As a firm that specializes in face-to-face interactions, LMC Interactions Services are fully aware of the importance of maintaining clear and engaging lines of communication. The firm stated that leaders who have the ability to effectively communicate with confidence and authority are more likely to develop a dedicated following.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/297710

Posted on August 14, 2017 in Business, Entrepreneurship

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