LMC Interactive Services reflect on recent Australian unemployment figures

LMC Interactive Services reflect on recent Australian unemployment figures

Following the recent release of Australia’s unemployment figures, which revealed that unemployment had fallen to 5.5 percent from 5.7 percent, the sales and marketing experts LMC Interactive Services have released a statement to share the reasons why they believe the sales and marketing industry can help professionals take control of their development.

Recent figures show that Australia’s unemployment figures have dropped to their lowest rate since February 2013.  The number of people out of work unexpectedly fell to 5.5% in May 2017 from 5.7% the month before. This level of unemployment is the lowest since February 2013 with the economy adding 42,000 jobs.  The Australian unemployment rate is measured by the number of people actively looking for work as a percentage of the total labour force. In 2017, the number of unemployed people searching for full-time work decreased by 23,000 with the labour participation rate at 64.9%.

Brisbane based sales and marketing experts, LMC Interactive Services, have helped contribute to this reduced rate of unemployment because of the many career opportunities available for young entrepreneurs.  The firm believes that their business model enables individuals to take control of their professional development and at the same time, the firm offer full support and training to ensure a higher rate of success.

LMC Interactive Services are enthusiastic to keep finding performance driven individuals who are keen to focus on their development and progression. With many opportunities for talented, passionate and ambitious individuals to join their vibrant workforce, LMC Interactive Services continue to help Australia’s workforce by providing excellent career opportunities.

Reacting to Australia’s recent unemployment figures, Managing Director Lawrence Randall said, “Due to our continued success in the industry and the demand from our clients for our first-class services, we have many career opportunities available for determined and ambitious individuals. For those interested in building a career with the scope for development and progression, then contact us through our website.”

LMC Interactive Services create a customer experience that establishes a secure connection with target consumers and provides their clients with cost efficient and innovative marketing solution.  The demand for their services has allowed the business to expand their activities and services into new target markets.


Source: https://tradingeconomics.com/australia/unemployment-rate

Posted on July 4, 2017 in Business

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