LMC Interactive Services Responds to Article on Leadership

LMC Interactive Services Responds to Article on Leadership

In a recent article from the Australian publication HRD, which aimed to understand why so many Australian leadership initiatives fail, the piece stated that Australian leadership programs are failing to understand economic challenges within certain industry sectors. 

Following the release of the article, the Brisbane-based sales and marketing firm, LMC Interactive Services have been urging more businesses to invest more of their resources in developing the leadership skills of their workforce.

According to the results of The Study of Australian Leadership, Australian businesses often fail to turn innovation inputs into outputs. The study, which was conducted by the Centre for Workplace Leadership at the University of Melbourne concluded that this could mostly be attributed to their inability to develop the leadership capabilities of their workforce.

The study went on to state that Australian leaders are failing to exhibit a willingness to seek out information to gain strategic advice or knowledge and found that more that six in ten leaders surveyed ‘rarely or never’ attempted to seek help.

LMC Interactive Services were astonished by the results of this study and are now strongly urging entrepreneurs to continuously develop their leadership skills and actively work towards expanding their knowledge.

As one of Australia’s leading sales and direct marketing firms, LMC Interactive Services are strong advocates of innovation and professional development. The company invests a majority of their time in training and mentoring young professionals and passing on their advanced skills and years of expertise to ensure the success of budding entrepreneurs.

By offering extensive national and international travel opportunities and constantly encouraging their contractors to develop their networks at industry events, LMC Interactive Services believe that unique approach nurtures the talent of young professionals and cultivates their leadership skills.

Studies have shown that only 5% of organisations extend leadership development below the senior executives, which effectively means that over 90% are being led by senior figures that have not had their own leadership skills developed to their full potential.

LMC Interactive Services believe that this not acceptable and feel that their successful business model is guaranteed to support budding entrepreneurs become the best in their field.

Source: http://www.hcamag.com/hr-news/why-do-leadership-initiatives-often-fail-237738.aspx


Posted on July 3, 2017 in Business

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