LMC Interactive Services investigate the power of the golden hour

LMC Interactive Services investigate the power of the golden hour

During a recent motivational workshop for young professionals, the Brisbane-based sales and marketing firm studied the concept of the golden hour and how utilising the first hour of the day can help professionals reach their potential. 

The term ‘golden hour’ can be defined as the first hour when an individual wakes up. Many entrepreneurs believe that how people decide how they spend the first valuable 60 minutes of their day will then go on to not only determine the outcome of the day but will also determine how successful they will be in achieving their goals for that day.

Many successful entrepreneurs attribute their morning routine as a significant influence on their success. Professionals who take the time to cultivate positive habits and implement a solid morning routine that will help them achieve their long term and short term goals are more likely to achieve their desired level of success.

The sales and marketing specialists, LMC Interactive Services believe that the golden hour sets the tone for the rest of the day and recently released a statement to explain how professionals can utilise their golden hour to help them fulfil their full potential.

After investigating the power of the golden hour, the firm is now advising professionals to place themselves on a mental diet to help themselves achieve their goals and have outlined six key steps.

  1. Starting tomorrow, professionals should wake up at least two hours before they have to be somewhere. They should use this extra time to invest the first golden hour in themselves, and in their minds.
  1. Professionals should also take 30-60 minutes to read something motivational, inspirational or educational. Making sure the first thing on their minds in the morning is positive, healthy and aligned to their goals and the life they want for themselves.
  1. Writing out their top 10-15 SMART goals as if they have already achieved them can also help professionals create a positive outlook for the day ahead.
  1. Plan every day in advance. Professionals should make a list of everything they have to do that day and then arrange the list by priority.
  1. By immediately start working on their highest priority task will allow professionals to start the day with a feeling of extraordinary accomplishment.
  1. Developing a sense of urgency and trying not to procrastinate or waste time will increase a professional’s focus.

The Brisbane-based direct marketing specialists are firm advocates for personal and professional development and regularly invest in the development of young professionals. The company regularly hosts range of motivational workshops offer fantastic mentoring opportunities and often offer the opportunity for professionals to attend national and international networking sessions, where they are encouraged to associate with the brightest and best in the industry.

LMC Interactive Services specialise in sales and direct marketing. Their face to face approach to marketing as allowed them to make long lasting connections between the brands they represent and their consumers and aim to deliver first class direct marketing campaigns.

Posted on May 25, 2017 in Motivation

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