Why Engagement is Crucial in the Workplace

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After new research was released into how engaged todays workers are, sales and marketing firm LMC Interactive Services has spoken out on why companies need to do more to inspire the best from their workforces.

Employee incentive company Access Perks, recently conducted a study into workplace engagement, to discover just how tuned in people are to the work they are doing, and the companies they are doing this work for. The resulting 2017 Employee Engagement and Loyalty Statistics, found that just 34.1 percent of workers would say that they were engaged in their work, while 51 percent are planning to leave their current jobs, and 34 percent admitted they would be looking to move sometime in the next 12 months.

However, when it comes to engagement, the 2017 statistics are not all doom and gloom. Despite the growing tendency for workers to be looking for alternative opportunities, a massive 86 percent of employees were reported to be somewhat happy with their current jobs, with 46 percent claiming to be very happy, and just 4 percent admitting to being very unhappy in their present positions.

LMC Interactive Services believes that the 2017 statistics points towards a need for greater understanding of what motivates and inspires today’s workforces. ‘There is no question that the business world is becoming more competitive, so it makes sense that to keep workers engaged, companies need to invest more in understanding them in light of this increased stress and pressure’ Stated a spokesperson for LMC Interactive Services.

The firm believes through their own experiences in business that two critical factors can boost workplace engagement, the first of which is respecting each member of the company as an individual. ‘there is no one size fits all approach to engagement, as what one person finds motivating might not appeal to anyone else. To engage with people companies need to take the time to get to know each member’s drives, likes and motivations and use these to mould incentives and rewards that inspire affirmative action’ states LMC Interactive Services.

The second factor that the firm believes is integral to engagement and loyalty is to ensure that company objectives are in alignment with worker’s personal objectives. ‘Obviously, everyone is working towards different goals’ cites LMC Interactive Services, ‘Companies need to highlight how the organisation’s goals will play into and support individual development. For example, we may set a goal of talking to 300 people during one of our face to face marketing campaigns. While this is a company objective, we work with many young people who are keen to improve their communication and sales skills. Therefore these goals are in alignment with each other, and both parties will benefit which is a huge motivator.’

Posted on May 3, 2017 in Business

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