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Sales and marketing experts LMC Interactive Services has been taking a frank look at the crucial role discipline plays in success.

Brisbane based outsourced sales and marketing company LMC Interactive Services reveals that the secret to success is discipline, as in self-discipline. The majority of people tend to believe that gathering knowledge, skills and experiences is the key to a successful life. In reality, very knowledgeable and experienced individuals may not automatically become high achievers based on their mindset and the habits they have developed over the years, believes LMC Interactive Services. A lack of discipline often causes people to fall short of their goals and may lead them to waste the knowledge and experiences they have collected.

Discipline can steer people towards success. It helps people conquer their fears and doubts, admit errors, and allows them to appreciate and celebrate accomplishments, which are crucial to keep motivated and stay on track, shares LMC Interactive Services. “It takes discipline to be honest with ourselves and truly identify what stops us from being successful,” explains a spokesperson for LMC Interactive Services. It takes discipline to change bad habits that have been formed over months, if not years. It takes discipline to plan ahead and stick to the plan, no matter what, without finding excuses. It also takes discipline to admit when something goes wrong, to analyse the true reasons for it and put actions in place to overcome the situation and hit the ground running again. LMC Interactive Services is certain that when people apply discipline to every area of their lives, they may uncover opportunities they could not even dream of.

LMC Interactive Services is an outsourced sales and marketing company based in Brisbane, promoting and selling various products and services on behalf of their clients. Based on their results, the firm has become one of Australia’s market leading businesses in their industry. In fact, LMC Interactive Services generates nearly 800 new customers for their clients on a monthly basis and increases their clients’ revenue by over 70 percent within the first year of working together. In addition to that, the firm managed to achieve an overall customer satisfaction score of more than 95 percent in 2016.

A spokesperson of LMC Interactive Services says: “Our success has been achieved through hard work, passion and discipline.” As part of their company culture, the firm helps their contractors to build and maintain discipline on a daily basis, so that they can make the most out of their lives. LMC Interactive Services provides the relevant support and guidance required, which includes organising daily meetings and helping to create a structured daily routine.

LMC Interactive Services is currently planning their expansion throughout Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and the United States of America.

Source: http://www.success.com/article/rohn-why-you-need-discipline-to-achieve-the-good-life

Posted on March 3, 2017 in Business

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