LMC Interactive Services: the lowdown for setting goals effectively company-wide in 2017

LMC Interactive Services: the lowdown for setting goals effectively company-wide in 2017

The common expression ‘every day is a new day’ is flawed, claims Brisbane-based sales and marketing specialists LMC Interactive Services. Instead, the firm believes that each new day is a progression from the last, based upon the decisions and actions that are made during the last 24 hours.

Indeed, working towards a sustained vision or target over a period of time is one of the things LMC Interactive Services does best, and the firm believes that every company needs to set company goals effectively in 2017 in order to realise their true potential. At the core of any half-decent business strategy will be carefully thought-out plans for future growth. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 clients or 50 – LMC Interactive Services claim that growth and future goals need to be prioritised, revisited and benchmarked regularly to ensure that business performance is on track or aligned to the overarching mission statement.

With this in mind, the firm has provided 2 main goal setting guidelines that businesses can use as a template for their growth strategies in 2017:


1) Set goals quarterly

A spokesperson for LMC Interactive Services stated, “Companies who are setting goals on a regular basis get a chance to celebrate their progression, brainstorm why they missed out on certain targets, and adjust their plan of action moving forward. Our ability to react and reposition ourselves to an ever-changing marketplace is how we improve, and how we innovate.”

Being an idealist is great – dreaming big is one of the fundamental and defining characteristics of entrepreneurship. However, there needs to be a degree of implementation that works in tandem with great ideas, or they remain just that – ideas. LMC Interactive Services believes that the difference between a successful business and a failing one can often be traced to how rigorously and pro-actively they are looking to branch out, innovate and raise their own bar. The firm recommends setting goals on a quarterly basis as annual goal-setting is now an almost pre-historic way of thinking. Customers, markets and attitudes towards products are changing on a daily basis, and a business needs to obtain a degree of elasticity to protect themselves in these areas.


2) Make goals into achievable priorities

The firm has previously spoken about accountability in goal setting, and believe that having someone to hold another accountable – not a friend who is likely to pander to excuses – is vital in ensuring goals are met, and don’t simply fall away. LMC Interactive Services follow the SMART goal setting method of making targets specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-sensitive. They recommend using this as a tool to ensure the parameters of the desired business goal is clearly communicated and understood. The more SMART a future target is, the more likely it is to be met.

LMC Interactive Services use dynamic, cost-effective direct marketing services that are deployed throughout Brisbane. The firm’s specialised sales and marketing campaigns are developed and tested using data that the firm has collected, and this allows them to always generate the best results. The firm are proud of their goal setting track record, and continue to make precisely informed decisions on behalf of their clients and customers.

Posted on January 30, 2017 in Business

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