LMC Interactive: 7 effective daily habits to become a millionaire

According to the Forbes 2015 list, there are almost 15 million millionaires in the world. Direct marketing and sales specialists, LMC Interactive have reviewed the 7 effective habits to become a millionaire. 

With a reported 15 million millionaires in the world, becoming rich cannot be attributed to luck alone. Most millionaires attribute their success to adopting good habits surrounding their daily activities, they commonly believe they started acting like a millionaire and their fortunes followed. LMC Interactive share the top 7 habits that were reported as contributing to gaining millionaire status:


  1. Wake up early.

By giving yourself a head start in the morning, the menial tasks can be checked off the to-do list without distraction. Alternatively, the time could be used to research into a topic of interest that will enhance personal skill sets. People who rise earlier always report a higher productivity level.


  1. Quit taking the weekend off.

Take the time to develop knowledge and understanding of the industry, finances and developing new skills that will increase value in business. Of course, it’s important to have downtime and catch up with friends and family, many millionaires focus on the quality of the time spent versus the quantity, they are confident this gives them a competitive edge over their competition.


  1. Learn about finance and the stock market.

For those with limited understanding of the stock market, it is a great idea to take the time to understand how this works, and how to invest wisely and generate revenue from educated investments. This will be the first step to financial independence.


  1. Think long term, beginning when you’re young.

By setting goals when you are young, it allows extra time to develop the skills needed to reach the end goal. Even when the goal reaches far into the future it makes good sense to pave a route that can begin right away.


  1. Educate yourself online.

With educational videos and ebooks at the fingertips of everyone, it is important not to overlook the resource that is both free and easy to access.


  1. Focus on goals first.

Money follows quality, so take the time to develop skills that add to your personal brand and add value to your personal profile. This could be educating yourself to produce high-quality products or purchasing courses and boosting accolades that enhance a CV.


  1. Use social media to build your brand.

Use the social platform to visualise what success means to your lifestyle. This can inspire those around you to work harder to achieve a desirable lifestyle. It’s a great platform to educate others, but it should be recognised that Facebook and Instagram are predominately used as a social network and sharing should reflect the tone to be successful.


Specialising in outsourced sales and direct marketing, LMC Interactive Services works on behalf of big brands looking to reach out to a wider consumer base. As direct marketing specialists, LMC Interactive Services meet directly with their customers to ensure that they have a first-class customer experience with their client’s brand. The firm state that the personal, face-to-face interaction increases overall customer satisfaction and customer loyalty because of the relationships that are built. This tried and tested business model has continued to generate high sales revenues for their clients since the firm’s establishment.


Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/253410

Posted on January 20, 2017 in Growth

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