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It’s often said that entrepreneurship is a ‘state of mind’, and that people are somehow born with a way of thinking that separates themselves from others, but how true is this claim in reality? LMC Interactive Services investigates, and outlines 3 signs that they believe indicates an entrepreneurial mindset.

Entrepreneurs are opportunists; they create a vision, develop an action plan and get to work. It is easy to see then that they would not always agree with the confines of regular employment, or follow the common career paths of their peers. Most people who aspire to be entrepreneurs and business owners feel something – a greater calling than say a standard 9-5 career job. This routine way of working and living would not satisfy them, as they possess a unique hunger and urge to achieve and break new ground where others wouldn’t dare.

Indeed, many of the qualities and telltale signs that indicate an entrepreneurial mentality would not be appreciated during his or her younger years at school, or at university, where there is a regimented approach to examination and defining successful progression. Many of the most famous and successful entrepreneurs and business owners never had much of a formal education, but still managed to make their mark on a global scale.

It is because of this that LMC Interactive Services value early signals that demonstrate a self-starter attitude, and want to praise people who are seeking something greater for themselves and their future families – a hunger for more. Pursuing a career path outside normality will cause ups and downs, and the emotional commitment will test the resolve and mettle of even the most stubborn business owners. LMC Interactive Services believes that this is a fair price to pay, as with great risk can come great reward. The Brisbane-based sales and marketing firm are always on the lookout for exploring new approaches to entrepreneurship, and value traits of such entrepreneurial ability in the contractors they work with.

LMC Interactive Services believes that this feeling of a greater calling can also be fostered through education, life experiences, and especially mentoring. Here, the firm identifies 3 common signs that indicate potential for an entrepreneurial way of thinking:

  1. The disregard and questioning of authority.

LMC Interactive Services states that having an entrepreneurial mindset often results in questioning ‘why’. Individuals who are constantly on the lookout for questioning the status quo and challenging rules are often the ones who try to come up with alternative solutions. Uber was created because the creator was frustrated with having to wait for taxis – he wanted to push a button and get a ride.

  1. The appetite for risk.

With great risk comes great reward, and eventually all entrepreneurs realise they need to take pragmatic leaps of faith to break away and create change. Their passion and belief in their ideas normally see them overcome whatever obstacle currently stands in their way.

  1. The belief in alternative paths to success

LMC Interactive Services believes that entrepreneurs violate the status quo more often than not thanks to their method of thinking outside the box. The Brisbane-based sales and marketing firm believe that if people retain an ‘anything is possible’ kind of mentality or approach to given situations, then they may indeed be well-suited to an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Specialising in outsourced sales and direct marketing, LMC Interactive Services works on behalf of big brands looking to reach out to a wider consumer base. As direct marketing specialists, LMC Interactive Services meet directly with their customers to ensure that they have a first class customer experience with their client’s brand. The firm state that the personal, face-to-face interaction increases overall customer satisfaction and customer loyalty because of the relationships that are built. This tried and tested business model has continued to generate high sales revenues for their client’s since the firm’s establishment.


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Posted on December 23, 2016 in Entrepreneurship

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